Boston Neighborhood sales comparables

AddressSale PriceUnitsSFSale Date
55 Easton Street, Allston$1,899,00033,6605/21/2020
21 Worcester Street, Boston$3,800,00034,7505/22/2020
1 Fairfield Street, Boston$5,000,00034,8565/21/2020
263 Clarendon Street, Boston$4,129,47545,6505/8/2020
29 Dighton Street, Brighton$6,000,00044,3855/15/2020
37 Dighton Street, Brighton$6,000,00043,8255/15/2020
116 Clarkson Street, Dorchester$387,26132,6526/3/2020
55 Coleman Street, Dorchester$570,00031,6985/15/2020
48 Mora Street, Dorchester$875,00033,5795/22/2020
30 Topliff Street, Dorchester$900,00034,0235/11/2020
632 Columbia Road, Dorchester$900,00034,5476/2/2020
55 Wilcock Street, Dorchester$900,00034,6955/11/2020
59 Wilcock Street, Dorchester$1,000,00034,4855/11/2020
48 Juliette Street, Dorchester$1,010,50033,3575/15/2020
229 Maverick Street, East Boston$935,00032,9645/22/2020
275 Webster Street, East Boston$1,300,00033,3435/8/2020
63-65 Westminster Street, Hyde Park$1,575,00055,3785/5/2020
30 Sheridan Street, Jamaica Plain$1,350,00033,3365/7/2020
49 Walk Hill Street, Jamaica Plain$1,200,00033,3595/1/2020
47-A Creighton Street, Jamaica Plain$1,200,00033,6326/3/2020
171 Belgrade Avenue, Roslindale$300,00033,4395/4/2020
222 Roslindale Avenue, Roslindale$539,00034,5186/4/2020
781 Parker Street, Roxbury$1,215,00033,4565/19/2020
72 Georgia Street, Roxbury$550,00033,8705/22/2020
70 Rockland Street, Roxbury$1,130,00034,7345/11/2020
6 Wigglesworth Street, Roxbury$1,510,00042,2415/28/2020
120 F Street, South Boston$1,200,00032,7345/29/2020
420 E 6th Street, South Boston$1,540,00033,6455/26/2020
476 E 4th Street, South Boston$1,525,00033,7805/18/2020
561 E 6th Street, South Boston$1,700,00034,8516/4/2020
17-19 Sunset Street, Roxbury$350,00032,9866/15/2020
51 Lexington Street, East Boston$550,00032,0437/10/2020
11 Leston Street, Mattapan$619,00033,8826/30/2020
26-28 Fayston Street, Dorchester$640,00034,4626/15/2020
43 Hosmer Street, Mattapan$645,00035,0586/26/2020
155 Everett Street, East Boston$675,00032,2566/26/2020
156 Talbot Avenue, Dorchester$725,00033,7537/2/2020
48 Evelyn Street, Mattapan$750,00033,5826/15/2020
126 Leyden Street, East Boston$850,00032,6256/19/2020
11 Mora Street, Dorchester$930,00033,6187/7/2020
16 Dawes Street, Dorchester$950,00033,5196/30/2020
172-174 Endicott Street, Boston$950,00033,3606/24/2020
190-190R Paris Street, East Boston$960,00033,8166/12/2020
215 Princeton Street, East Boston$975,00033,4417/2/2020
238 Lexington Street, East Boston$1,010,00033,2096/26/2020
644 Adams Street, Dorchester$1,050,00033,6127/1/2020
640 Adams Street, Dorchester$1,050,00033,6247/1/2020
146 Boston Street, Dorchester$1,050,00033,9126/12/2020
460 E 7th Street, South Boston$1,085,00032,2687/1/2020
392-394 Commercial Street, Boston$1,300,00031,9447/1/2020
67 Byron Street, East Boston$1,350,00034,8987/1/2020
223 Saratoga Street, East Boston$1,355,00032,1966/19/2020
536 E Broadway, South Boston$1,500,00042,5177/1/2020
162 O Street, South Boston$2,000,00031,9967/8/2020
21 Winfield Street, South Boston$2,585,00033,4567/8/2020
19 S Russell Street, Boston$2,700,00093,2406/23/2020
34 Yarmouth Street, Boston$3,520,00043,2126/15/2020
198 Hillside Street, Roxbury$4,475,000448,5206/8/2020
40-44 Parker Hill Avenue, Roxbury$13,625,0004421,2106/8/2020
321 Marlborough Street, Boston$18,000,000104,5807/1/2020
323 Marlborough Street, Boston$18,000,000104,7807/1/2020
1457 Tremont Street, Roxbury$23,569,0004036,4546/30/2020


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